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②『Marty Ballet Dancers

 バレエ団で活躍した実績があり、様々な指導経験やコンクールの審査員を務める講師陣が監修を務める『Marty Ballet Dancers』。プロバレエダンサー達が所属し、バレエをより多くの人に広める活動をする団体。スクール生の手本となり、目標となる彼らが近くにいてくれることは子供たちの大きな指標となります。

 また、子供たちが大きくなってバレエダンサーとして活躍することが夢になれば、Marty Ballet Dancersの一員となりプロダンサーとして活躍するのも一つの道筋となります。


 舞台出演数も多く、活躍の幅をどんどん広げていくMarty Ballet Dancersの活躍はこれからも目を離せません。

A chance to learn for children who want to do their best in ballet.


 At Studio Marty, we are creating a place where children can have a more special and valuable experience, which is possible because we are doing a lot of experiments related to ballet.


① "Marty Ballet School Selection Course"

 At Studio Marty Children's Ballet School, there is a "Marty Ballet School Selected Course" where first-class instructors with extensive overseas experience nurture children's ballet. In addition to classical ballet, we offer many learning opportunities that are not limited to classical ballet, such as character dance where you can learn how to express ballet, and body conditioning where you can learn how to use your body.  

 In addition, there are many opportunities for learning other than ballet lessons, such as stage appearances and stage appreciation events only for selected course students. The children are showing spectacular performances by actively challenging ballet competitions. In addition to ballet lessons, by facing ballet from various angles, children's motivation and interest are drawn out.


 ②『Marty Ballet Dancers』

 "Marty Ballet Dancers" is supervised by instructors who have a track record of success in ballet companies, have various teaching experiences and are judges of competitions. A group of professional ballet dancers who work to spread ballet to as many people as possible. It is a great indicator for children that they are close to them who are role models and goals for school students.

 Also, if the children grow up and dream of being active as ballet dancers, becoming a member of Marty Ballet Dancers and working as a professional dancer would be one path.


 We will keep an eye on the activities of the Marty Ballet Dancers, who have made many stage appearances and are steadily expanding their range of activities.