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小さな子どもの脳は、大人の脳に比べてスポンジのようにものすごい速さで物事を吸収すると言われています。 大好きなバレエを学びながら自然と英語も取得することができます。また必要に応じて日本語も交えながら、講師が一人一人の様子を見ながら進めてまいりますので、ご安心ください。













① Ballet × English education

At Marty Ballet School, in addition to regular ballet classes, there are ballet classes in English.

You can learn ballet, which is an overseas culture, in English.

English is now being incorporated into kindergarten and elementary school education, and if we look at the future of globalized society, there will be no problems with English conversation skills in the future. At Marty Ballet School, instead of using difficult English, we start by counting the parts of the body and counting in English, and use different languages according to the child's level.


② Can I participate even if I can't speak English?

It is said that the brain of a small child absorbs things much faster than the brain of an adult, like a sponge. You can naturally acquire English while learning your favorite ballet. In addition, please be assured that the instructor will monitor each person's situation while using Japanese as necessary.


③ Cross-cultural exchange and short-term enrollment ◎

Because of the English classes, there are many foreign children enrolled, and you can learn English and foreign cultures while communicating with friends across borders. Temporary return home, short-term enrollment during stay OK! There is also a recess system, so you can come back every time you come to Japan.


④ Lead to ballet study abroad

Language skills are one of the concerns when aiming to study abroad in the future. At Marty Ballet School, you can learn English from an early age through ballet, and that anxiety will be alleviated. Also, depending on the destination, not only your ballet level but also your English test score may be required. When I thought about aiming for the world of ballet in earnest, ballet and English became an inseparable relationship. By acquiring English skills, you will be able to communicate wherever you go, and your study abroad life will be enriched.


⑤ Guest lecturer lesson

In addition, our studio invites guest lecturers from various countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Italy, Germany, Eastern Europe, and Russia.

You will have the opportunity to take lessons in a variety of languages, not just English.

Through ballet, I would like to develop an interest in various countries and create opportunities to experience foreign cultures.